Company Profile

Giddens Security Corporation is a Florida based security firm that was established in 1982 by Darrell Giddens. Darrell began operations 28 years ago because he saw a need for high quality, customer focused security service in Jacksonville. Darrell is the longest active Licensed Security Manager in the Greater Jacksonville area.  
Conveniently located on the westside of Jacksonville at 528 South Edgewood Avenue, Giddens Security offers armed and unarmed security and patrol services throughout Florida and Southeast Georgia.  Emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

Giddens Security emphasizes customer service as well as extensive training and supervision in the field. Our patrol supervisors consistently monitor our security officers to ensure quality service, and to provide immediate backup when needed. Giddens Security Corporation’s armed patrol officers are available twenty four hours a day to assist guards or our clients. Each site is checked a minimum of four to five times a week. Supervisor patrols can be tailored to your specific needs. 

Giddens Security Corporation utilizes twenty four hour dispatch at our office located at 528 S. Edgewood Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32205. Twenty four hour dispatch enables our dispatchers, patrol supervisors, security officers, and on-call supervisors to be in constant communication to ensure a productive and safe working environment. Supervisors are equipped with two way radios as well as Nextel cellular phones. All clients are assured of emergency access to all levels of management any time, day or night, by calling 904-384-8071. 

Giddens Security’s Training School is one of the only security officer training schools in the North Florida area that is certified by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Division of licensing. Our certified instructors cover such topics as report writing, professional appearance and conduct, sexual harassment, basic first aid, patrol techniques, and emergency procedures. Not only do we train our own security officers, we train for other security companies and in-house security operations. 

In order to maintain accountability of our security officers and to ensure quality service, we utilize the Guard 1 Pipe System. This computerized scanning system provides our clients with an accurate printout providing detailed information of the time, date, and location of the security officer’s rounds and patrols. The Guard 1 Pipe System is available to our clients at any time.


Giddens Security’s first contract for services was 26 branches of Barnett Bank. Due in large part to its reputation as a security provider committed to customer service, Giddens Security has experienced incredible growth since 1982.


In the early 90’s Giddens Security began its own in-house security officer training school. Giddens Security’s Training School is one of the only security officer training schools in the North Florida area that is certified by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Division of Licensing. Our Training School has expanded to include training for other security companies and in-house security operations. Our training school recently opened its own gun range and now offers armed training in addition to unarmed training.
In 1996 Giddens Security was awarded the contract to provide services to the City of Jacksonville. This contract required approximately 2,000 weekly hours of armed and unarmed security service. 
In 2002 Giddens Security expanded into the Southeast, obtaining its license to operate in the state of Georgia


Giddens Security has recently added clientele such as all campuses of Florida State College of Jacksonville, Clay County Courthouse, Flagler County Courthouse, St. Johns County Courthouse, The Jacksonville International Airport, The State of Florida Department of Health, and The Agency for Workforce Innovation in Ft. Lauderdale. In June 2009 Giddens Security opened a branch office in Ocala after beginning services at the Marion County Courthouse and Government Services Buildings. In July 2009 Giddens Security began providing 24/7 coverage to 5 corporate offices of Citizens Property Insurance in Tampa, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville. 

Throughout its 28 years of growth in the Southeast, Mr. Giddens is still just as much involved today in the operations of Giddens Security as he was when he began with Barnett Bank.