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About our School

The Most Comprehensive Training School in North Florida

Giddens Security Corporation maintains its own state certified training school, locally in Jacksonville and in Ocala. We utilize a curriculum certified by the Florida Division of Licensing and the Florida Department of Education. Our Training School offers courses that meet the requirements of the 24-hour and 16-hour security officer training so students can get their Class D Security Officer License. We also offer gun training courses so students can get their statewide firearms license (Class G license). Our training school's mission is to instill a professional pride in our students, which is then reflected in their appearance, attitude, and performance. Students are trained in a wide range of general subjects as well as site-specific security requirements for each assignment. Moreover, all security officers receive classroom refresher courses as well as on-site training prior to their placement. Our training school even provides training to other security agencies and in-house operations.

Our lead instructor, Mr. C. Dyal, is a retired Detective from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office with 34 years of service. His expertise in the Law Enforcement and Security field has provided our security officers with the knowledge to perform their duties in a professional and qualified manner. He currently holds a State of Florida DI Instructor’s License. The syllabi of our unarmed courses are outlined on subsequent pages.

A recent addition to our training school is our Firearms Training Center. These armed courses are taught by "K" Licensed Gun Instructor, Steven Donaldson. Steven is an FDLE Instructor and teaches at two Criminal Justice Academies (Florida State College and Lake City Community College) in addition to teaching at Giddens Security. Giddens Security utilizes its own gun range to accompany our school campus. No other security company in North Florida utilizes its own gun range, and no other security company has more extensive training resources than Giddens Security.

To graduate from our Firearms Training Center, armed security officers must complete 28 hours of classroom training and complete gun range training. They must pass a written exam and a firearms course. Armed security officers are also required to pass a physical and a psychological exam. Students that pass the final exam and range qualifications are given proof of completion in order to get their Class "G" Statewide Firearms License. Some topics covered in this course are:

· Firearms Safety and Mechanics
· Civil Liability and Use of Force Issues
· Handgun Marksmanship
· Care and Maintenance of Firearms
· Various other topics such as reloading with the magazine / speedloaders, gun malfunctions, drawing the firearm, proper shooting stance, types of ammo, and Proper use of the firearm while on duty.

Company Licenses
B 0001267 Security Agency
DS9300017 Security Officer School
DS2900043 Security Officer School
BB2900027 Security Agency - Branch Office